How to make money with Squidoo

What is Squidoo?

squidoo_money Squidoo is one of the most innovative ideas of Seth Gordin. Squidoo basically is a more interesting and fun way of blogging. At Squidoo you create lens instead of making posts and you have to dedicate a lens to every topic you write on. You can add images, videos and a lot more to your lens to make it more fascinating.

What is a Lens?

make-squidoo-lensA lens is similar to a blog post which indicates a topic.Your lens can also support links to other lens of yours, a game and pretty much about everything.

Who is Seth Gordin?


Seth Gordin is one of the world’s most successful and celebrated bloggers. Having many blogging books to his name and running a huge online entrepreneurship, he truly is a great blogger.

How Does One Make Money?

On Squidoo if you are to make money you should write about topics that are hot and trending. You can make money by a wide variety of ways. For example,

  1. Squidoo allows you to place Google ads, place items on Ebay.
  2. If someone buys the item via your lens, you get to keep a fraction of the sale. That is why the more readers you have, the more sales you are likely to get.
  3. Another great money making technique on Squidoo is to place your own affiliate products between posts so that you can have maximum control on what is being sold on your lens.
  4. You can also sell your services via your lens and make money.

Tips To Success

  1. Use relevant and high quality images and add videos of what you are writing about. Give sub headings using the modules.
  2. There are a few people who do make thousands of dollars per month but its more of dedication and persistence rather than luck that enables them to make good money.

Push Up Your Lens

To spread your use social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon and to spread the lens. Use social media such as Facebook and twitter to propagate your lens. In order for you lens to remain active you need to update your lens regularly.

How has your experience been on Squidoo. Do let us know !


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