7 Amazing Google Search Effects

Google has become the king of search and is used by many of us everyday. We love to see the Google Doodles which they show according to the latest happenings or anything about the history.

Following the same idea, some websites have developed some amazing pages like Google Doodles (and some are of Google itself). Here are they,

1. Google Gravity

On opening the website, the search bar along with the menu falls at the bottom showing gravity has gone to 0. More interestingly, if you search anything, the results would drop on the old stuff already dropped at the bottom of the webpage due to gravity.


2. Let Me Google That For You

Used by many people to teach other people how to search and also used by people who want to point out to another person that this information is available on Google but he has might have not searched it yet.


3. Google Pac-Man

Google Pac Man was actually created by Google sometime ago and it was played by a large number of people.


4. Google Mirror

Google Mirror shows the search results in the form of a mirror.

Google Mirror

5. Google Hacker

Google Hacker shows Google webpages words in numeric form.


6. Epic Search

Epic search keeps getting bigger and bigger in size. This is an interesting zoom effect on a webpage.


7. Google Sphere

Images and text rotates around Google search bar.


8. Do a Barrel Roll

The webpage rotates 360 degree and comes back to its original position.

do a barrel roll




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