Is Your Home Printing Budget Drying Up

A recent printing survey on home printing habits and costs revealed some interesting feedback on home printer usage. The following data was collated by Doxdirect, an innovative online printing company and document storage solution, that have adopted a business print model  with a unique printing services for businesses, work at home personnel  and home users.

Reading  further, you will see an analysis on how the costs and benefits of printing online compares to printing for home workers and home run businesses.

Representing  a massive 86% of the home user market,  inkjet printers are very popular, compared to 13% for the laser printer.  Although laserjet printers prices are now very competitively priced with more variety compared to a decade ago, inkjet printers are almost 7 times as popular.

There is a lower initial layout costs for an inkjet than a laser jet printer, although the favoured option for home businesses printing larger volumes is likely to be a laserjet printer model.

What type of home printer do you use?


If you use an inkjet printer, what make/model do you have?



With printer manufacturers fighting for their share of ther market, the battle has been fierce with Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard taking the lion’s share.


How much do you pay for a full set of ink cartridges?

The  average price of a full set of ink cartridges is between £15-£20.  This seems quite low, and may reflect a trend that users are trying to save on costs and – are purchasing refurbished cartridges. It’s a common occurrence that refilled ink cartidges do not perform as well as the original manufacturer’s (OEM) version.  These are not to be confused with some online printer shops that provide remanufactured cartridges, that often come with more ink than the original.

Original manufacturer Ink Cartridges for a HP 2000cn can be as much as £38 just for the black printing ink.  In comparison, cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG5450 can be as little as £10 each, with a full set costing around £40 when purchasing online.

Do the Ink cartridges dry up as you need to print something?


The drying up of ink cartridges is depicted here as a common occurrence, but still a surprising statistic with almost half of users encountering this problem.  We’ve all experienced this scenario once in our lives – just as you need to print that all important document for a meeting or a home made birthday card, the printer ink drys up and barely marks the page.

What type of documents do you print? (Tick all that apply)

The above line chart shows that a hig proportion of people are using their inkjet printers for business, aswell as for general correspondence.  It’s not surprising that photos account for a large proportion of usage when you bear in mind the higher resolution of the modern digital camera and higher quaity photo printers, but it is one of the main reasons ink cartridge usage and consumable cost can spiral out of control.


How many pages do you print each week?

Most home users are not going to exceed the manufacturer’s ‘monthly duty cycle’,  which for a low priced home inkjet printer of around £65,  can be as high as 3,500 pages per month.

Here we see that the typical home user prints infrequently with almost 50% printing less than 40 pages per week.  Around 18% of users are printing higher volumes of up to a 100 pages per week (400 pages per month).


Do you own a binding machine or do you have access to one?

From the stats collated on the number of users that own a binding machine, the total is 15%.  One can presume that these users are regularly printing and binding for their home business use.


So what are the costs of setting up and printing from home?  If you’re a casual user and don’t print regularly, an inkjet is a feasible method of printing a low-medium number of single sided A4 documents.

For home business users who’re producing higher volumes and who have a requirement to print handouts for a meetings, small booklets or itinerary, or even a simple brochure, a low end colour laserjet maybe be more economical.

A real life cost benefits analysis and comparison for online printing on the above data will be published next month on the Doxdirect portal.  The published data was independently compiled by DoxDirect.  Contact details and further request for information can be found at DoxDirect Google +

Egypt looking good for new business start-ups

egypt-flagStarting up a business in Egypt or any foreign land is no easy matter at the best of times. There is no doubt Egypt’s economy has been hit hard as a result of the political changes which have taken place. But foreign investor confidence is beginning to return as evidenced by the recent positive movements of Egyptian Stock Exchange indices. The rise in confidence was also linked to the visit by an International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegationas part of government negotiations to secure a $4.8 billion loan deal to boost the country’s economy. But how all of that pans out will have to wait until the negotiations are completed, probably by the end of 2012.
Good business banking forms a crucial element in any company start-up, whether in Egypt or elsewhere. Without sound financial management underpinning any set-up or expansion plans, businesses of all shapes and sizes are liable to put themselves under the sorts of pressure which can lead to poor decision-making. And in a highly competitive market, the consequences of such decision-making can be dire. As well as business bank accounts from HSBC, for example, or from Barclays and other foreign multinationals, Egypt has a host of major indigenous banks, too, all of whom are ready to provide the kind of expert advice on local and regional market conditions which should prove extremely beneficial. Not only is such advice always well worth heeding, it can also make the difference between success or failure.
Opening an Egypt bank account, whether for personal or business use, is a fairly straightforward process nowadays. Banks, such as HSBC, have been instrumental in helping drive forward infrastructure change which now make the likes of business payments and cash management systems much easier to implement. But the change is also reflected in the wider community as more and more Egyptians move from a cash-only mindset to one where the idea of using ‘plastic’ in the form of debit or credit cards is no longer anathema.
The tourism industry has long been a driver in that respect, which is hardly surprising given Egypt’s reliance on the sector in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) generation. Pre-revolution figures for 2010 show the sector generated some 10% of GDP and employed one in eight of the Egyptian workforce. Just under 15 million tourists visited the country generating $12.5 billion. The figures nosedived in 2011, with just under 10 million visitors generating $8.8 million. But the sector, if nothing else, is famous for its resilience. Early figures for 2012 suggest tourism is likely to return to pre-revolution levels.
Red tape and over-regulation have always acted as a disincentive for investors, no matter where in the world they look to operate. It’s exactly the same for Egypt. However, over recent years, much has been done to reduce the regulatory burden and so make it easier for foreign companies to set up in the country. Some of the biggest companies now operate out of Egypt, well-known names such as Microsoft, Oracle, Vodafone or IBM.
Egypt has also taken huge strides in combating the corrosive effects of corruption, too. Levels of corruption are at an all-time low thanks to major government initiatives which have included the setting up of special agencies tasked to tackle the problem.


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Is Facebook ending soon?

After every some time, I see people debating that Facebook is going to close. There are people talking about this. Consider this example.

Facebook to end on May 15th

Facebook to end on May 15th

I don’t find any reality in any such debates. Facebook is the social media king and is getting bigger everyday. Facebook has been able to dominate and keep improving the service time by time. Any of such news of Facebook ending sooner is simply a joke and should not be trusted.


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7 Amazing Google Search Effects

Google has become the king of search and is used by many of us everyday. We love to see the Google Doodles which they show according to the latest happenings or anything about the history.

Following the same idea, some websites have developed some amazing pages like Google Doodles (and some are of Google itself). Here are they,

1. Google Gravity

On opening the website, the search bar along with the menu falls at the bottom showing gravity has gone to 0. More interestingly, if you search anything, the results would drop on the old stuff already dropped at the bottom of the webpage due to gravity.


2. Let Me Google That For You

Used by many people to teach other people how to search and also used by people who want to point out to another person that this information is available on Google but he has might have not searched it yet.


3. Google Pac-Man

Google Pac Man was actually created by Google sometime ago and it was played by a large number of people.


4. Google Mirror

Google Mirror shows the search results in the form of a mirror.

Google Mirror

5. Google Hacker

Google Hacker shows Google webpages words in numeric form.


6. Epic Search

Epic search keeps getting bigger and bigger in size. This is an interesting zoom effect on a webpage.


7. Google Sphere

Images and text rotates around Google search bar.


8. Do a Barrel Roll

The webpage rotates 360 degree and comes back to its original position.

do a barrel roll




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How A Guy Made $18,078 From A Fish Bone

fishbone kickstarter


The above image that you see is of a small but excellent engineering model created by Brent Garcia. The project idea is simple yet amazing. It allows you to tie up ropes without making a knot.

knotless tie


As you can see from the image, you can use this knot to tie up items. This project has got more than $18,078 from the backers which is amazing.


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